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License Policy

1. Public License
What is a public license?
This license is for non-commercial purposes and provides the license of individuals free of charge. But, companies, public agencies, educational institutions and businesses are not available.
Available Product
4uHelp Standard product is available to all individual users free of charge who use it for non-profit making purpose regardless of the version.
2. License for Businesses/Groups/Public Agencise/Educational Institutions
What is a license for businesses, groups, public agencies and educational institutions?
This license is to purchase companies, groups, public agencies and educational institutions and allows to only using the number of user and use institutions listed in the certificate.
Available Product
You can use 4uHelp Standard for the enterprise. However, it is possible to use 4uHelp Standard in companies for demonstration purpose for two(2) weeks only.
3. Disclosed license included in 4uHelp
Libjpeg compression library
4uHelp Standard v.1.0 has the libjpeg library of the Independent JPEG Group in addition to the self-developed compression method.
Explanation of Libjpeg
(1) Libjpeg is a widely-used free software library written in C which implements JPEG decoding and encoding functions alongside various utilities for handling JPEG images. This library is maintained by the Independent JPEG Group, an informal organization which is not affiliated with the JPEG JISO committee.
(2) License : Custom Jfree software license; can be used in any application without royalty, with acknowledgement.
(3) Web site : http://www.ijg.org/
4. License Inquire
For more information concerning a business license, please contact our Customer Satisfaction Team help@4uhelp.com.