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Other functions

01. Application of the alternative technology of Active X
The alternative technology of Active X is applied in 4uHelp; Active X is not needed.
If a company asks, Active X is applied.
The 4uHelp Host program to be used in the customer’s PC is a one-off program and is automatically removed after completion of the remote support.

02. How to terminate a connection and close and suspend control right.
During the remote support by the agent, the customer may use the functions for [Terminate connection], [Close control right], and [Suspend control right].
[Terminate connection] : The customer can terminate remote support by force. Reconnection requires the customer’s consent again.
     Below is the remote support screen displayed on the customer’s PC during remote support.

[Lock control right] : The customer can close the agent's control right by clicking [Ctrl+Shift+F2].
When the control right is closed, the agent has no control right, and when the customer clicks [Ctrl+Shift+F2] again, the closed control right is released.

[Suspend control right] : The customer may temporarily suspend the agent’s control right by clicking [Ctrl+Shift+F5].
When the agent requests control right again, the agent has the control right.

03. Checking the situation of agents
The administrator can check the situation of registered agents as shown below.