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AES 256 Bit Algorithm applied
4uHelp is developed with powerful security features applying AES 256 (Advanced Encryption Standard).
All data encrypted
All data are transmitted after encryption, including screen or file data.
File Service Security
Files are transmitted with approval of the customer. The list all files being transmitted is displayed on the customer computer at the same time they are transmitted.
Agent Computer Mac Address Registration
By registering the MAC address of the agent computer to the relay server, only the registered agent computer is able to connect to the customer computer.
Remote Access Security
When the agent accesses a customer’s PC, the customer may set an access security as shown below.
[Access only when allowed by customer] : The agent computer may access a customer computer after obtaining approval from the customer. The agent cannot access the customer computer if rejected (by the customer).
[Customer informed when accessed] : When the agent accesses a customer computer, a message window is displayed on the right bottom of the customer computer screen showing the agent has accessed it.
Forced Disconnection
During the agent’s remote support, the customer can simply terminate the remote support.
Access Log saved
The IP address, accessed time, terminated time and services used by those that have accessed the customer computer is saved in log file format for monitoring access status or information of those who have accessed.